Slow walk along the Venetians walls

We start from Colle Aperto: nearby is one of the four gates, Porta S.Alessandro, from which gate we start with our walk along the walls, which were the ancient walkway. Along our walk we pass by the embrasure of S.Giovanni (we go down to visit it if it’s open: Mon-Fri 14.00- 18.00 /Sat- Sun and public holidays 10.00- 12.00/14.00-18.00). We continue our walk along the walls and besides admiring the fortification still complete and intact and the gardens which frames it, we can enjoy the stunning panorama of the Lower Town and the hills that surround it. Once we get to the gate Porta S.Giacomo, we go up along Via S.Giacomo, overlooked by medieval palaces and an ancient historic mansion to get finally to the square of the Shoes Market