The Upper City

The old city– built on the hills – offers  enchanting  medieval  and Renaissance views to the tourists.

It is surrounded still today by its majestic walls which were built by the Venetians in 1500 and which in July 2017 have entered the UNESCO World Heritage.

Along its narrow medieval streets the tourist can admire the  palaces of old aristocratic families, houses  with facades completely covered with frescoes , monuments and lovely squares such as  Piazza Vecchia, where the civic tower stands out, the “Palazzo della Ragione”,  Town hall since  the Middle Ages.

Nearby  is Piazza Duomo,  a small jewel  with the most important religious  monuments of the town: the Cathedral, dedicated to S. Alexander, the Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore, the Colleoni’s Chapel, funerary monument of the famous warlord of Bergamo Bartolomeo Colleoni.

Moreover , it’s worth a visit to the Fortress of the Visconti, which together with the Venetian Walls with their gun ports and gates tell us of an extraordinary fortified town.