The upper town: along the stairway up to the historic center

Starting from V.le Vittorio Emanuele (at the funicular lower station) we slowly walk along the old stairway which connected the two parts of the town already in ancient times, before the funicular was built. A sign announces the beginning of the “Parco dei colli” (The Park of Bergamo’s Hills). Surrounded by trees we go up along a pleasant cobble road with a gentle slope of 250 mt; in its middle the stairway becomes a staircase which arrives in via S.Alessandro, just in front of the ramp which leads to Porta S.Giacomo, one of the Gates to the Venetian Walls. We go through the Gate and along Via S.Giacomo we reach Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe; surrounded by the medieval palaces of Via Gombito we get to Piazza Vecchia and the monumental Center. Palazzo della Ragione, the church of S.Maria Maggiore, Colleoni’s Chapel are just a few of the most representative monuments which still today are witnesses to the importance of the city over the centuries.